Breast Revision Surgery

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Revision Surgery

Unfortunately, some women who have previously undergone breast augmentation or reconstruction with implants experience some degree of chronic discomfort or pain following their surgery. When this discomfort or pain becomes life limiting and reduces activity, exercise, etc, revision surgery may be considered.

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Capsular contracture

When an implant develops a second, tight layer of scar tissue surrounding the implant, this condition is known as capsular contracture. Several surgical techniques exist to address this scar tissue including removal of the scar tissue, allograft insertion, or anatomical correction


During any surgical procedure, inadvertent injury (Ie: stretching or division) of small nerve branches is possible. In most situations, the nerve recovers and there is no long lasting side effects. Infrequently, this nerve injury will result in scar tissue formation in or around the nerve branch, called a “neuroma” and create a very painful site. This pain condition may be relieved by identifying the affected nerve and transposing it into nearby muscle any procedure known as targeted muscle reinnervation.

Implant position change

Historically, the primary technique for reconstruction and augmentation placed The implant beneath the pectoralis muscle. In some women, the implant in this location creates abnormal stretch on the muscle and pressure on the chest wall which leads to discomfort. This condition may be relieved by converting the implant from behind to in front of the pectoralis muscle.

Implant to DIEP

Some women who previously underwent implant reconstruction and experienced one or more of the complications Noted above may wish to convert to a alternative type of reconstruction. In these situations, it is possible to remove the implants and perform a simultaneous DIEP flap reconstruction. While this is a slightly larger procedure than a simple implant revision, many women find that replacing the implant with soft, warm, living tissue is well worth it.